Located in Germany.

Former member of the NATO forces (OR-5) HAWK Air Defense  (KRK) Exploration & guarding team. Active duty/service completed 1995


 HPI radar           HAWK missle            launcher



(last) Reserve command:

Air Forces Command and Control Section 2 (EFB 2)


My annual hand weapons qualification was supported and provided by the US Forces.
(Thank you guys, for this great time & experience)


picture gallery (access for registered users only)


After 15 y. active reserve duty I 'quit' Dec.2010 into passive reserve status.


Army Awards

All over the years I collect & swap badges and patches of US enforcement agencies and fire & rescue services (most originals). As well as other stuff ... e.g. Zippo's :-)

Due to this hobby, I met many interesting people online and in real life.


In 2016 I had the great opportunity to become an associated member of the NYCRTPOA.

Expert Pistol
2nd award





If you are a retired police officer, I am always looking for interesting experienced "on duty" stories and pictures. It would be an honor, to publish one or another on my website (if necessary anonymized, of course).



© Lars Zeiss

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