I have a few Goede (private enterprise "Bavarian Coin Office") badges in my collection. Limited to (regularly) 9,999 piece ea. badge, these badges are very cheap and you can find them easily on EBAY Germany.

Unfortunately every badge has a little deviation in comparison to the original badge. The deviation is a reference to mark Goede badges as an imitation! Also the pin attachments on the back are mostly too thin to wear the badge safely. Regarding this, most of the attachments are only good enough for a presentation box.

To understand the different in detail I bought the original badges to compare with the Goede replicas. The Goede badges you can see here to the left, are not my own badges, they were photographed by Michael I. who allowed me to publish them here on my website. Thank you Michael.



Badge made by "Göde"

Very edgy, no enamel

Badge made by "April Mfg"

Smooth finish, real enamel

different colors (e.g. eagle shoes) 




smooth enamel inlay

typical Gode "Safety Pin"

Real Safety Pin


 2nd Badge: St. Paul Island, Alaska

Has no number, smooth enamel inlay

Lackluster gold finish looks unreal



Now it is up to you to decide ... is it worth? 

© Lars Zeiss

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