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Basic knowledge about Badges Blog:
Mr. Stephen Willeford no doubt about, a Real American Hero!
Visual Badge (create your own, by S&W ) Shop:
United Insignia (NYPD fav. supplier) Shop:
Police Badge EU (offers cheap replica badges) Shop: (NO RELATION TO ME)
CopCollector (Jerry's webshop) Shop:
Lawman Badge (high q. collector badges to buy) Shop:
Officer Down Memorial Page Homepage:
NYPD - New York City Police Department Homepage: NYPD gov
Blue Lives Matter NYC Homepage:
Inside NYC's Cold Case Squad Homepage: The Restless Sleep
Retired Transit Police Officer's Association Homepage:
Wilmington 10-13 Club Homepage:
Law Officer  Homepage:
Glenn's Badge Collection Homepage:
J.Casey, author of "Badges of America's Finest" Homepage:
POLICE{☆}LINK - Exam & Career Prep. Articles Homepage: by Lee Winters
Homepage: by Lee Winters
Great overview of NYPD badges by Yannick Homepage: CopsPassions - NYPD badges



New arrivals / newest shields, added to my collection:

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